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Streamers - Fun Border Templates

Streamers - Fun Border Templates

$18.00 Regular Price
$17.10Sale Price

By Kiwi Lane, have some fun with these wide borders!  Streamers scream party time - wiggle across the page or create a title background. Make them fun, or make them sentimental. Streamers are great for any occasion. The super-sized squiggle gives a quirky feel to your layout, and yet if you’re using a more delicate pattern, it can create a lovely frame for a little girl’s page. If you need a title background, the plaque shape makes it regal and formal. 

  • This package includes 1 set of "Streamers" templates (3 pieces) 
  • Size estimates: #1 (4” X 12”)#2 (6” X 12”)#3 (4.5” X 12”)


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