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Creative Memories Blades for 12-Inch Rotary Trimmer

Creative Memories Blades for 12-Inch Rotary Trimmer


Designed for use with the 12-inch Trimmer (sold separately), these durable, interchangeable blade cassettes make up to 1,500 cuts and feature a steel circular blade encased in a safety cover so sharp edges are never exposed until it's placed in the blade housing and pressed down to initiate contact.  Cartridges store conveniently in the 12-inch Trimmer as shown in photos.



  • Straight blade:  smooth cuts on cardstock and designer paper 
  • Stamping blade:  creates postage stamp-esque perforations
  • Perforating blade:  creates a simple line of cut-out dashes 
  • Victorian blade:  like the folds of the train on a duchess’s dress
  • Scallop blade:  creates a gentle looping scallop wave cut
  • Deckle blade:  creates a trendy rugged line
  • Wave blade:  creates a delicate wavy line
  • Scoring:  cores paper and cardstock so you can easily fold them for cards or paper crafts
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